Crackers, Crispbreads, Rice Cakes

Crackers: - Average All Brands -

Rice Cakes: - Average All Brands -

Crackers: 365 Everyday Value

Crackers: Annie's Homegrown

Crackers: Austin

Crackers: Back to Nature

Crackers: Barbara's Bakery

Crackers: Barnum's (Nabisco)

Crackers: Blue Diamond

Crackers: Carr's

Crackers: Cheese Nips (Nabisco)

Crackers: Cheez-It

Crackers: Club (Keebler)

Crackers: Courtney's Organic

Crackers: Crunchmaster

Crackers: Dare

Crackers: Doctor Kracker

Crispbreads: Doctor Kracker

Crackers: Earth's Best Organic

Crackers: Edward & Sons

Crackers: Ener-G

Crackers: Extend Bar

Crackers: Gamesa

Crackers: Gold'n Krackle

Crackers: Health Valley Organic

Crackers: Hickory Farms

Crackers: Honey Maid (Nabisco)

Crackers: KA-ME

Crackers: Kashi

Crackers: Keebler

Crackers: Kroger

Crackers: Lance

Crackers: Late July Organic Snacks

Crackers: Lavosh-Hawaii

Crackers: Little Debbie

Crackers: Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft)

Crackers: Manischewitz

Matzos: Manischewitz

Crackers: Market Day

Crackers: Mary's Gone Crackers Organic

Crackers: Medifast

Crackers: Milton's

Crackers: Munchies

Crackers: Pepperidge Farm

Crackers: Premium (Nabisco)

Crackers: Ralphs

Crackers: Ritz (Nabisco)

Crackers: Roland

Crackers: Ry-Krisp

Crackers: Ryvita

Crispbreads: Ryvita

Rice Cakes: Ryvita

Crackers: Salerno

Crackers: San-J

Crackers: Schar

Crispbreads: Schar

Crackers: Scooby-Doo!

Crackers: Special K (Kellogg's)

Crackers: Stauffer's

Crackers: Sunshine

Crackers: Teddy Grahams (Nabisco)

Crackers: Town House (Keebler)

Crackers: Trader Joe's

Crackers: Tree of Life

Crackers: Triscuit (Nabisco)

Crackers: Utz

Crackers: Walkers

Crackers: Wegman's

Crackers: Wheat Thins (Nabisco)

Crackers: Wheatables (Keebler)

Crackers: ak-mak

Crispbreads: Finn Crisp

Crispbreads: Kavli

Crispbreads: Nonni's New York Style

Crispbreads: Real Foods

Crispbreads: Wasa

Rice Cakes: Lundberg

Rice Cakes: Marmite

Rice Cakes: Mother's

Rice Cakes: Quaker