Fats, Oils, Butter & Margarine

Butter Substitutes: Butter Buds

Butter Substitutes: Imperial

Butter Substitutes: Sunsweet

Butters: - Average All Brands -

Fats: - Average All Brands -

Margarines: - Average All Brands -

Oils: - Average All Brands -

Spreads: - Average All Brands -

Butters: 365 Everyday Value

Oils: 365 Everyday Value

Butters: Albertson's

Margarines: Albertson's

Spreads: Albertson's

Butters: Alta Dena

Butters: Borden

Butters: Cabot

Butters: Challenge

Butters: Clover Stornetta

Butters: Country Crock

Spreads: Country Crock

Butters: Crystal Farms

Margarines: Crystal Farms

Butters: Darigold

Butters: Downey's

Butters: Horizon Organic

Butters: Land O' Lakes

Margarines: Land O' Lakes

Spreads: Land O' Lakes

Butters: Lucerne

Butters: Maple Grove Farms

Spreads: Maple Grove Farms

Butters: Meyenberg

Butters: Organic Valley

Butters: Prairie Farms

Butters: Private Selection

Butters: Ralphs

Oils: Ralphs

Butters: Safeway Inc.

Butters: Smart Balance

Oils: Smart Balance

Spreads: Smart Balance

Butters: Stonyfield Farm

Butters: Tillamook

Butters: Trader Joe's

Spreads: Trader Joe's

Butters: Vermont Butter & Cheese Company

Fats: John Morrell

Fats: Olean

Fats: Purity Farms

Margarines: Canola Harvest

Oils: Canola Harvest

Margarines: Fleischmann's

Spreads: Fleischmann's

Margarines: Kroger

Oils: Kroger

Spreads: Kroger

Margarines: Parkay

Spreads: Parkay

Oils: Alessi

Oils: Annie's Naturals

Oils: Bertolli

Oils: Castella

Oils: Crisco

Oils: Earth Balance

Spreads: Earth Balance

Oils: Eden

Spreads: Eden

Oils: Francesco Rinaldi

Oils: Hollywood

Oils: House of Tsang

Oils: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Spreads: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Oils: KA-ME

Oils: Living Harvest

Oils: Loriva

Oils: Manitoba Harvest

Oils: Mazola

Oils: Naturally Fresh

Oils: Nutiva

Spreads: Nutiva

Oils: Olivio

Oils: Orville Redenbacher's

Oils: Pam

Oils: Pompeian

Oils: Roland

Oils: Ruth's

Oils: Spectrum

Spreads: Spectrum

Oils: Tree of Life

Spreads: Tree of Life

Oils: Vigo

Spreads: Benecol

Spreads: Blue Bonnet

Spreads: Blue Diamond

Spreads: Brummel & Brown

Spreads: Galaxy Nutritional Foods

Spreads: I.M. Healthy

Spreads: Marie's

Spreads: Marmite

Spreads: Musselman's

Spreads: Promise

Spreads: Take Control

Spreads: Vons