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For Weight Loss, Calories Are King

Why are calories king? If you pull away the trappings of any effective weight-loss program, you ll find all that s left in the end is calorie balancing. Whether you're eating less, exercising more, cutting carbs or limiting fat, calories are the bottom line. It s a simple truth that...

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Protein, Exercise, and Muscle Building

It's a common belief that when you exercise you need to eat extra protein, or that eating more protein will help you build more muscle. However, neither of these ideas is strictly true. Protein bars and protein powders are a major feature of many gyms, and of advertisements for buff...

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How Much Carbohydrate Do I Need?

Between 45 and 65 percent of your total calories should come from carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is the body's main fuel source and should therefore make up the majority of your daily energy intake, mainly in the form of whole grains, vegetables, legumes and some fruit. Exactly how many carbohydrates you need...

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Contributing Authors: Susan Brown-Neaves, Joan Bushman, MPH, RD, Anna Delany, Rawinia Gregory