Angela Kraemer - before
Angela Kraemer - after

Angela Kraemer lost 100 lbs!

Angela lost 100 lbs with and is glowing with her success! She is also setting a wonderful example to her daughter.

Before: 236 lbs
After: 136 lbs


What were your weight-control goals?
1) To become healthier 2) To increase endurance and stamina 3) To conquer a lifelong struggle with weight and food issues
What motivated you to lose weight?
The realization that I had a 3 year old who depended on me - I wanted to be able to not only keep up with her, but be there for her by becoming healthier.
What was your weight-loss method?
In the first three months  I was counting calories and using the CalorieKing book. I decided that I wanted to use a program like the one offered at to help me make the changes in my life easier.
What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?
I was my only obstacle; I had to learn to take control over food and not let it control me.
What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
1) Measure food all the time; portion size can be deceiving 2) Log it  - it keeps you honest 3) Learn to love exercise!
How do you feel now that you've lost weight?
A hundred percent more energy! I also feel, for the first time in my life, that I have my "food demons" under control. I also have a lot more energy to do things with my daughter and don't tire as easily as when I first started taking care of her and hadn't lost the weight yet. I am also becoming a good example for her, as she likes to "work out" when I am doing weights or tries to imitate my yoga poses. It's given me a new perspective on how I see myself and how my daughter sees me as well.
How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?'s products were integral to my success, as well as the support given by the wonderful members of CK's online community. It made all the difference in the world for me.

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