Marsha - before
Marsha - after

Marsha lost 55 lbs!

"My ultimate goal is to be 150 lbs and I'm fast approaching - I *will* be there by summer!"

Before: 232 lbs
After: 177 lbs


What are your weight-control goals?
My ultimate goal is to be 150 lbs and I'm fast approaching - I *will* be there by summer!
What is your motivation for losing weight?
I want to be healthier Mommy & wife! I'm the thinnest right now than I've ever been in my adult life. Four years ago I was 222 lbs when I got pregnant with triplets! My weight during my pregnancy skyrocketed up to 298 lbs on delivery day! Yikes! In the Spring after having my babies, I lost nearly 60 lbs and was down to 240 lbs, then I pretty much idled there. Last January (2004) I decided enough was enough, and weighing in at 232 lbs I started this new 'healthy living' journey. Since then I've had my on & off times but I've dropped to 177 lbs! On January 3rd 2005, I weighed in at 183 lbs and decided I want to lose 21 lbs by Valentine's Day! Since then I've hit it hard - logging like crazy, drinking my water, doing the treadmill each day and I've lost 6 lbs so far this week! I will make my goal! I'll be checking back here!
What is your weight-loss method?
Count and log EVERYTHING - all calories, carbs, fats and proteins. I set goals each week for myself for my calories/carb/fat intakes, water intakes, exercise. It helps me so much to log everything, you see how fast 'just one cookie' really adds up!
What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?
I have 3-yr-old triplets, and they obviously need different foods than what I eat so I have to have breads, cookies, etc. in the house for them. It makes it VERY tempting but I'm a good girl (usually!)
What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
Set GOALS and LOG EVERYTHING! You can do it!
How do you feel now that you're achieving success?
I feel WONDERFUL! I'm the thinnest I've been in my adult life and even 20 lbs less than on my wedding day, and I couldn't feel better! I feel so motivated and wonderful, and shopping for new clothes is a terrific bonus!
How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?
I love the Calorie Counter and Food Database - especially for dining out, it's GREAT!

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