Karla - before
Karla - after

Karla lost 73 lbs!

Karla has lost over 73 lbs and has so impressed her doctor that he's asked her the secret to her weight loss -  so he can share it with his other patients!

Before: 270 lbs
After: 197 lbs


What are your weight-control goals?
My long-term goal is to get to 135-145lbs. But truly my real goal is just to be able to wear nice clothes again and feel better about myself.
What is your motivation for losing weight?
I want to improve my health and self esteem.
What is your weight-loss method?
Watching what and how much I eat and trying to walk more and more without my cane. I do kegel exercises sometimes too (to tone up).
What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?
Social occasions can be a challenge. Also once a week we go into town to do our weekly shopping and end up going out to eat. It is hard to eat out and stay on track with my weight-loss goals.

I also find that evenings are the hardest time for me as I get food cravings the most then. So far, though, I have managed to keep the cravings at bay a lot by keeping busy.
What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
Never lose heart (I know how hard that is, believe me!). I have had my times of losing heart but for some reason, this time, I just couldn't stop the program no matter how frustrated I got or depressed that the scale wasn't going down.
How do you feel now that you're achieving success?
 A lot better than I did at 270 lbs! My doctor has asked me for the name of my program so he can suggest it to some of his patients. My diabetes is so much better, I am able to do more. And whereas I used to wear a size 24, now I am getting into 18's. I know I still have a way to go until I reach my goal weight, but I'm on track!
How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?
CalorieKing has really been there for me - they keep me in check with my food intake, let me see my progress each week, there is a lot of support and it is so affordable. I could never afford those other programs they have online or on tv. I can do this!

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