Richard - before
Richard - after

Richard lost 105 lbs!

Richard has reached his goal weight and lost 105lbs. He says, "I now enjoy my food and focus on activities other than eating."

Before: 328 lbs
After: 223 lbs


What were your weight-control goals?
My goals were to:
*Become less controlled by food
*Become less obsessed with food
*Lose at least one hundred pounds.

It was important to lose the weight but also to see food as pleasure, rather than a drug to deaden my senses. I now enjoy my food and focus on activities other than eating.
What motivated you to lose weight?
My motivation was feeling embarrassed, ashamed and excluded. I could not participate in many sports, my seatbelt on planes wouldn't buckle. I  went to the Grand Canyon, but could not take a helicopter ride because I was too heavy. They would only fly me if I paid for two people. That made me angry and sad.
What was your weight-loss method?
Starting out, I used meal-replacement drinks, under my doctor's supervision. I gradually weaned myself off the drinks, from having 3 drinks and a meal per day to having one drink and two meals per day. My real secret was filling up on broccoli and other vegetables before having my chicken or fish. I gave up burgers, because I always had onion rings or fries with them. I do not miss them.
What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?
I found myself reverting to old behaviors (overeating, bingeing) when under stress.The difference this time around, is that I got back on the program ASAP.
What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
Three words: Stay with it! I came to realize that weight loss is a process and a journey. It will have peaks and valleys. In the past, I had all or nothing way of thinking. Now I understand that perfectionism is crippling. Also, using the CalorieKing tools has helped me to stay on track.
How do you feel now that you've lost weight?
Words cannot adequately describe how good I feel. I have gone from couch potato to having an active lifestyle. I ride my bike, walk several miles per day, and take yoga classes.
How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?
The CalorieKing website was a big part of my plan. Even though I thought I knew it all when it came to food, I came to realize how much I didn't know. Learning about nutrition was essential to helping me make healthier choices. The stories of other people's struggles made me feel less alone. I also love that I can use CalorieKing's food database to find out the calories of just about any food.

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