James - before
James - after

James lost 115lbs!

"CK taught me how to get healthy, and now that is my lifestyle, I know what I can and cannot do to succeed long-term."

Before: 350 lbs
After: 235 lbs

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What really motivated you to gain control of your weight this time?
My wife being pregnant with our second child. I wanted to get healthy so I would be around to see my kids grow up.
Was your ultimate goal to lose the pounds or to be able to do something that your weight prevented?
I just needed to lose the weight. I wanted more energy to be a better father to my sons.
How have you tried to lose weight in the past?
Yes, some here and here, but really lacked the long-term willpower to make a huge dent.
Why did you choose CalorieKing this time?
I wanted to be able to track my food intake and my progress, and wanted to keep an online journal until it became second nature.
What were some of the obstacles that got in the way while losing weight? And how did CalorieKing help you overcome them?
The obstacles were my own mind and lack of willpower. There was nothing to blame but myself.
What in the CalorieKing program did you find most useful on your journey to weight control?
The CK Diary which allowed me to plug in my meals and plan out my daily calorie intake.
What tips would you give others who are trying to manage their weight?
Plan out a goal and realize it won't happen overnight, but you can still do it. Eat plenty of salads, but still enjoy the foods you love in moderation. I still eat pizza once a week to keep my sanity.
Reflecting on your motivation to gain control over your weight, how is the CalorieKing program helping you now?
I still use CK for Weigh-Ins and checking nutrition for foods but I honestly am not using it that much anymore, because I do not need to. However, I attribute me not needing CK to CK itself. CK taught me how to get healthy, and now that is my lifestyle, I know what I can and cannot do to succeed long-term.
Why are you willing to allow CalorieKing to share your story with others?
Because I would like them to know that it can be done, just look at me. I am now running 5k's for charity once a month, something I could never have done without my weight loss. I am very proud of what I have done and am determined to keep it off.

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