CalorieKing Physician's Program

Beginning January, 2010

Designed by medical professionals with three decades of clinical experience in weight management, the CalorieKing Physician's Program facilitates the treatment of overweight and obese patients by combining a science-based online weight control program with monthly feedback to you, the primary care physician or patient's medical home.

How does it work?

The CalorieKing clinical program is simple and easy to integrate into your existing practice. Here's how it works:

  1. You determine whether your patient would benefit from a weight management program.
  2. You "prescribe" the CalorieKing online program using a prescription pad customized to your practice. Your prescription includes a unique Provider number which gives your patient access to the online CalorieKing program, and allows us to capture and track data for your patients, safely and securely.
  3. The script directs the patient to a special website address. Here, the patient signs up for the program at our regular price using their credit card.
  4. Each month, you will receive via email, a report detailing each patient's progress. This report will help you guide your patient's progress and increasing compliance with the program.

What's in it for you?

We know that your patient's success is your primary goal. And with CalorieKing, your patient's likelihood of lifelong success is increased. But there are other reasons to use CalorieKing as an integral support element to your regular practice.

First, you can finally offer your patients a positive, comprehensive program that engages them on a daily basis. CalorieKing gives them support between their visits with you - this means they have a higher likelihood of being successful with their weight loss and ongoing weight management.

Secondly, you will have access to monthly actionable feedback for you to use in consultation with your patients.

Thirdly, you can be assured that you are participating in a clinically proven weight management program of the highest quality. The CalorieKing program combines the most current NHLBI Obesity guidelines with 21st century technology - everything to help your patients be as successful as possible.

Get Started

Getting started is easy. Email [email protected] with your name, email address and contact phone number and we'll get in touch with you.