Beverages: Dairy-Based Drinks: Avocado and Melon Breakfast Smoothie

A delightful combination of green fruit plus fat-free dairy - good for on-the-go.

Author: Courtesy of California Avocado Commission (via Produce for Better Health Foundation)
Date: January 03, 2013

Suggestions: This refreshing smoothie can be made a day ahead. Keeps well refrigerated for up to 24 hours. If made ahead, stir gently before pouring into glasses.

Serves: 4 person(s)
Yield: 4 x 1-cup servings

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 0 mins


    1 ripe, fresh California avocado
    1 cup honeydew melon chunks (about 1 slice)
    1 juice from 1/2 lime (about 1-1/2 tsp. lime juice)
    1 cup nonfat milk
    1 cup nonfat plain yogurt
    1/2 cup unsweetened apple juice or white grape juice
    1 1/2 tsp honey


    Cut avocado in half, remove pit. Scoop out avocado flesh and place in blender. Add remaining ingredients. Blend well. Serve cold.


    For a sweeter smoothie, blend in an additional 1-1/2 teaspoon of honey.

    Serving suggestion is not included in the nutritional analysis.

Nutritional Information
(Per Serving)

Calories:149 cals
Kilojoules:624 kJ
Fat:5.5 g
Carbohydrates:20.2 g
Protein:6.5 g
Cholesterol:2.5 mg
Sodium:85 mg
Saturated Fat:0.9 g
Fiber:2.7 g
Calcium:208.0 mg
Total Sugars:16.5 g

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