i guess we all have a similar story.......at least alot of us......yrs of trying to get off excess wgt be it 20 lbs or 200 lbs!!! trying diet after diet & being successful only to gain it all back as soon as i was "done" and usually a little more to boot!! through out my life i have lost well over 500 lbs. i spent yrs saying "this is me if anyone doesn't like it too bad" " i have personality" "not eveyone was made to be skinny" ect ect ect. don't believe i lost that much .... u should cuz sadly there's NO exaggeration to that statement. i wd lose it usually in 100 lb increments over 12months. sounds absurd i know unfortuneatly it has been my story until i started this latest journey bout 3 yrs ago..... (326 lbs high wgt) both hips had terrible arthritis & i cd hardly walk!! arthritis runs in our family but no one ever had the hip thing! my surgeon told me in no uncertain terms u did this to urself with that wgt....this cd have waited 10 + yrs had u not been carrying all that extra wgt around all these yrs!! nicely of course but i can read btwn the lines!! first there was almost a yr of therapy & waiting for the first surgery date by which time i was in my late 40's & on a walker!! then my dr did the first of 3 surgeries, i weighed 326 lbs, that was wen he tried to fix one of them.... it didn't work & i had to have it replaced in less than a yr!! he told me rite off lose some wgt or it won't last more than 5 yrs ( can last up to 15 yrs)......then had 2 do the other one within 5 months of the first!!! during that first 1 1/2 yrs there was alot of recovery time & therapy & not so much activity still i lost 50 lbs & could hardly walk literally. i spent most of my time on the couch or hobbling around the ofc. on a walker!! so most of that came off from just giving up soft drinks!!! well then btwn wat the dr sd & the 50 lb loss i was motivated to do something!! then by the time all the therapy was over & i was begining to get back on the road to a reasonably active life i found cal king by another dr's recomendation. now over a yr later & down a total of 90 lbs i realize finally, that i truly am addicted to food.....i don't need to b mad, sad, happy, lonely or anything else i'v been told is responsible for wgt problems ...... i'm addicted to food!!! lol!!!! the only way for me to control that is to b here everyday!!!! if i don't keep track of everything i eat i will eat myself to death literally!!! i love this cuz i can eat wat i want just in smaller quantities & not everyday!!! it's just that simple!!! this place is amazing as are the people who come here....motivating, encouraging, helpful & real!!!! the best!!! this program works if u work it!! above all be honest in ur food diary......if u don't want others to c urz keep it private but b honest even on ur worst days......and believe me we all have 'em!!!! it will let u c that once in awhile is fine but just not often....eating watever u want i mean!!! best of luck to each of u who read this!!! if i can help in anyway u kno where to find me!!! peace till nxt time!!!!!!