KRBRX11's Story

My name is Kim and I'm from Pittsburgh. I'm married and have two kids and 3 pets. I've been an athlete all my life in spite of struggling with my weight since I was a kid. During my 30's and 40's I had it welll under control by tons of exercize. I did crazy stuff like an iron man triathalon and ultra distance swims. Ever since my mid to late 40's I've had injuries that limit my exercize and my weight has creeped up. I've started and stopped CK several times. Once I lost 25 lbs all of which have returned. I'm now starting a new program where I get weighed by a trainer weekly. Hopefully this will keep me on track. My plan is to do net calories of 1200 on days I exercize and 2200 on days I don't. Hope it works. I hope to confirm that the myth of "starvation mode" is just that.