In childhood and high school I was always a healthy weight. After graduating from college, my weight fluctuated (mostly in the up-direction). I got to an all time high of 158 in 2000, and joined weight watchers (the in-home version - I've always been private about my weight) and lost about 28 pounds. I was able to maintain that loss through several major live challenges, but at the 28th major issue to hit me in the space of 1 year (a slight exaggeration), the pounds came back along with loneliness, fear, and depression. I discovered an effective but ultimately harmful way of helping myself cope that only helped to add the pounds.

In July of last year I just discovered a solid center of resolve and self esteem inside that pushed me towards changing my lifestyle and my self neglect. And I’ve been on that journey since then. I didn’t weigh myself in the beginning since, frankly, I just didn’t want to know. I suspect I had reached about 150 to 155 pounds. I joined CK after having been a lurker for some time. After about 3 months I finally weighed myself after multiple compliments on the weight loss and rang in at a disappointing 142. I was certain I weighed less, but it was a great indicator of just how careful you have to be. I’m currently at 127, and plan to remain in this general area for the rest of life. I feel great and I look wonderful. Ultimately, weight and fitness for me are ways to either nurture or neglect myself, and I need to make that commitment to myself on a daily basis.

CK has been a great source of information and support. I’m so impressed with individuals (and I hope friends) I’ve met here.