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Best Selling Book Changes Name - CalorieKing Appeals To Consumers

Doctor Recommended, But Designed for the Health Conscious

COSTA MESA, CA – August 31, 2005:- Best selling author, dietitian and founder of the CalorieKing® brand, Allan Borushek, announced today that The Doctor's Pocket Calorie, Fat & Carb Counter, a perennial best selling book, would change its name in the new edition to be published in November. The pocket- size book, updated and published annually since 1988, is a National Top 100 Best Seller and the most recommended book of its type by doctors and dietitians.

"While many doctors make the book available to their patients, it was designed for the consumer and the family. We're changing the title to make it more inviting to the health conscience individual. We want people to know that the book is designed for them and their family. From here forward, our book will be The CalorieKing® Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter," announced Allan Borushek.

The CalorieKing® Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter new edition will list more than 11,000 foods, including nutritional data for over 200 fast-food chains, in its 302 color pages. Since its U.S. introduction in 1988, the book has sold more than 10,000,000 copies.

"This is likely the most often recommended book of calorie information by dietitians, diabetes educators and physicians," said Keith McGuinness, president and CEO of Costa Mesa based CalorieKing Wellness Solutions. "The book bears the image of Allan Borushek, dietitian and biochemist, as the 'Calorie King'. In my opinion, he's earned the title." For more than 30 years, Allan Borushek steadfastly focused on collecting and presenting accurate nutrition information in a handy pocket and purse friendly book that became the most recognized and respected calorie counting resource.

CalorieKing® is the leading provider of calorie-centered information to U.S. consumers and dietitians through its perennial best-selling book, The CalorieKing® Calorie, Fat & Carb Counter. Its U.S. operating company, CalorieKing Wellness Solutions is strategically focused on the United States' rapidly growing interest in wellness and preventive health care. More than a million people a month visit for weight management help and food product content information from CalorieKing's continually updated database of nearly 50,000 food products.

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