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Medical Director Named to Guide Integration of CalorieKing Products with Clinical Programs

Author and nationally-recognized obesity expert, Thomas L. McKnight, MD, MDIV, MPH, to guide CalorieKing's science and clinical standards

(San Diego, California - February 17, 2009) - CalorieKing, the leading provider of online weight management tools, announces that Thomas L. McKnight, MD, MDIV, MPH, has been named Medical Director. Dr. McKnight is a family physician and nationally recognized expert in the field of obesity and has served on CalorieKing Advisory Board since early in 2007. Dr. McKnight is double-boarded in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine.

"We are excited to name Dr. McKnight Medical Director for CalorieKing" said Keith McGuinness, president and CEO, CalorieKing. "At a time when obesity is epidemic, healthcare costs are rising and clinics are opening in retail pharmacies, grocery stores, and even adjacent to the hospital ERs, Dr. McKnight has the experience, dedication and creative ability to teach healthcare professionals how to treat overweight and obese patients successfully and cost-effectively."

"I am fortunate to have found an enterprise that promotes healthy long-term weight control rather than repetitive dieting" said Dr. McKnight, CalorieKing's commitment to offer consumer products that help the patient and also help the provider to help the patient, is exceptional, and I am honored that CalorieKing has asked me to be custodian of the science standards that will affect patients that interact with CalorieKing products and services."

Dr. McKnight treats obesity patients in his rural Florida clinic and believes obesity should be treated like any other chronic disease. He served as Medical Editor for American Family Physician monograph, Practical Advice for Family Physicians to Help Overweight Patients, published in 2005. He is also author of Obesity Management in Family Practice, published in 2006, which describes the fundamentals of obesity treatment in a primary-care setting.

Dr. McKnight has received numerous honors and awards including the Consumer's Research Council of America's 2004 America's Top Family Physicians award, the 2001 Outstanding Resident of the Year in Preventive Medicine, University of South Carolina and was a 1998 Finalist for the American Academy of Family Physician's Physician of the Year award.

Dr. McKnight currently serves as a Civil Service Physician and Reserve Colonel for the U.S. Air Force, where he practices preventive medicine during his reserve time in San Antonio, Texas. He is also co-founder and member of the Board of Directors for the Certification Board for Obesity Educators (CBOE) ( where he is working to establish a generally accepted, scientifically sound standard of care for individuals who are obese or at risk of becoming obese.

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