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Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 - It seems so Simple

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It seems so simple to lose weight. Eat less calories, exercise more. My husband has preached this to me for years, it is his favorite speech to me as I go on my endless rabbit trails of diets. He is British and we lived in the UK for 5 years. That is where I started going to Slimming World where I was told I could eat everything I wanted of certain food groups. I lost weight but very, very slowly. Than I started WW, I did exceptionally well on it. I lost weight almost every week, loved the meetings. My husband said that is the one for you. Stay on that one. Than I had a hysterectomy, went into surgical menopause, Mom passed away, some other family tragedies, we moved back here to the USA, depression. I began to put the weight on again. I caught myself before it was way too late at a 20 pound weight gain.I started WW again, went for 3 months, and I kept losing and gaining back the same 5 pounds. My husband made no comment. I saw the book Calorie King last week and picked it up on a whim. I found this site and I absolutely love it. It is all so simple, and it makes sense. I would rather know my calories, than have someone tell me what to eat. I have began to lose the weight I put on over the holidays and I feel in control. My husband will be the last one to know that he was right!

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