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Wednesday, Mar 24 2010 - 1st wk!!

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this wk my biggest lesson was not to graze!! lol!! i learned that word here i usually call it snacking but grazing is exactly what it was when i look at all my snacking the entire day & nite!!! unbelievable that i regularly eat a slice of cake that is 1200 calories in itself!!! REGULARLY!!!!! i have never tracked them when i was in full swing food-aholicism but i'm sure i've had numerous 10,000 calorie days!!! omg!!! r u kidding!!!! well anyway i did make my target or a little below all week and have really forced my self to walk everyday 2 times cuz it renews my commitment when i realize that i have trouble walking 10-15 minutes on a cool spring day or nite!! i'm soo ashamed of how badly i've let my physical strength diminish over the last 4 yrs with my hips going out & i will b the best i've ever been when i'm done!!!!! i can hear the rocky song in my head now so i'll close!!! lol!!! best of luk 2 u all!!! peace!:wave1:

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