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Tuesday, Mar 30 2010 - wk 2 over!!

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well i've finished wk 2 & have lost 5 lbs!!! whooooo hoooo!!! i'm on my way!!! went to dr's yesterday & he was pissed at all the (2,000) calories i'm eating sd to go to 1500 & work down to 1200!!! lol!!! does he realize that i ate that in a single item b4???? well he had me p.u. these pills he wants me to take & i cut my target to 1500.....let's c wat happens!! i'm most happy that now i can walk 25 min. at a time without falling over!!! lol!! finally my lower bak is just getting the idea that i will b walking everyday cuz it's not hurting as much as the first 2 wks as of last nite!!! even my body is figuring out that i'm serious about the exercise & the food!!! yea!!!! best of luck to all!!! keep on keepin' on!!! peace to u & urz!!

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