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pound for pound challenge to feed the hungry in america!!

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

to all on ck,
we all work so hard to reach our goals & although we get much satisfaction from our successes if u look at this link u will find another way to add even more to ur successes!!!
there is NO club to join, no fee's & only takes 2 min. to fill out the form!! they will donate a pound of food to Y0UR local food bank for every pound u lose up to 50 lbs!!!! plz tell everyone u know about this & at least take a minute to go to the web address below & check it out!!!


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birthday bluezzzzzz!! lol!!

Sunday, May 16th 2010

:rock1:dam it first i lost my blog from yesterday???? i don't know where it went but oh well!!! it was rob's birthday (my love) & we went to legal seafood one of my fav's so i thought rather than have a bad day i'll have blackened mahi rather than the lobster roll that i love soooo much!! i did & between that my baked potato & chocolate mousse which wen i looked up b 4 going said 299 cal's but when i actually had it i knew had to b more so figured at worst 450 & of course i'm almost 60...

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i had my first bad day...dam it!!!

Saturday, May 8th 2010

well it's been a while but with getting bak to work, my daughters october wedding, my grandson ECT. i just haven't had the time. heck i keep the calories for myself and my sweetie and that in itself is a part time job!!:laugh5: last w/e i had my grandson Christian who is 9 over and ate poorly but only went over about 100 cals on 2 days so wasnt concerned and still lost my wkly 2 lbs!! but last nite i was ravenous & pampering myself to finally have some time alone with nothing that HAD to b done...

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