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Saturday, May 8 2010 - i had my first bad day...dam it!!!

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well it's been a while but with getting bak to work, my daughters october wedding, my grandson ECT. i just haven't had the time. heck i keep the calories for myself and my sweetie and that in itself is a part time job!!:laugh5: last w/e i had my grandson Christian who is 9 over and ate poorly but only went over about 100 cals on 2 days so wasnt concerned and still lost my wkly 2 lbs!! but last nite i was ravenous & pampering myself to finally have some time alone with nothing that HAD to b done!! lol!! i went almost 500 calories over even after a 30 min. walk!! i'm not happy about it but in all honesty that used to b a snack for me!!! sad but tru!!!:mohawk2: i love to eat!!!! of coarse i'm determined to have that b a rare occaision!! finally the wedding is coming together, bridesmaid's dresses are chosen and tried on!! wedding dress on way to first alterations, venue reserved, linens chosen!! whoo hoooo!!! i'm getting excited!!! my youngest is having problems with her landlord AGAIN!!!! the house is nice but not worth putting up with that man!!! so we r home looking again...those poor kids have had 2 azzholes in a row for landlords!!! :bang: these private owners are always tryin to pull some baloney with the air conditioners or the roof's.....it a shame people just are not good anymore.....alot of them anyway!!!:evil: always trying to get over on someone!!! God will steer us in the rite direction, of that i'm sure!!! just signed another 3 yr lease at the offices after i got the landlords to come down $ a sqr foot, without loosing any space saving me over $1500 a month!!! :clap: yea me!!!! love to negotiate!!!! of coarse a good trak record helps!!! well my baby got me a 90 min massage set up 4 2day soooo gotta shower up & get ready!!! :inlove1: i love massages!!! one of my all time favorites!!!!! have a beautiful day anyone out there!!:thumbu2: i love all the commraderie on this site!! :heart1: u people out there know who i'm talking about!! all u who keep me going and give all the inspiration and motivation anyone could ask for yes u!!! :clap: thank u thank u thank u for keeping me going!!! peace 2 u & urz till nxt time!!
p.s. if in doubt of how big a 20 lbs loss is look at 2 ten lb hams at the store nxt time!!!!! lol!!

High wgt. -326 lbs
Start weight- 289 lbs
Current weight 270 lbs
Final goal weight 190 lbs

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