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Saturday, Jun 19 2010 - drinkin wit ur buddies will kill ur cal's!! lol!!!

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:wave1: dam, after strugglin all wk wit these dam calories ..... i screwed myself rite up!!! :bang: lol!!! last wk was the first 5 lb loss i'v seen & i was very happy!!! :eyebrows: this wk another story i'm sure after last nite!! lol!!! first time in close to 1 1/2 yrs i'v drank & dam wat a calorie load!!! :cry3: almost didn't want to log......lol!!! like i wouldn't kno i drank my ass off & hate to say but it was worth every calorie!!! :drunk: lol!! sometimes a girl just has to cut loose!!! lol!!! i will walk the beach 2day & burn that crap off!!! :rolling1: i haven't been down to this wgt in probably 10 yrs & as big as i still am, it feels gr8 to be where i am after the 326 i was at!!! :clap: lol!! who on earth wd think that 260 wd feel sooo good!!! lmao!!! :rock1: well should get movin if i want to make it to the beach 2day!! :frog:

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7 years ago

Way to go!! :clap::clap::clap: My numbers and goals are similar to yours so I know what you mean. I can't wait to be 260 again!!! It's a number going down!!!!