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Tuesday, Jul 20 2010 - first weigh in after vacation!!

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yea!!! my first official weigh in after vacation & only up 4 lbs in 2 wks of decadence!!! i was sooo happy!! of course i went walking last nite!!! after the first day bak at work it was a struggle but i knew how important it is to get rite back on the horse soooo i went!!! thought i wd fall over!!! lol!!!! i'm glad i tried to be a least a little good on vacation or the weigh in could have made me cry......almost!! lmao!!! it seems once u get accustomed to eating better that u really don't want to lose all u have worked for!!! i must have eaten 10 candy bars during vacation and drank at least a bottle of crown royal over those 2 wks but i did try to keep walking & ate alot of fish & pasta at lunch & dinner!! after the first couple of days of eating very bad breakfast i went to cold cereal & tst each morning to try to compensate for some of the evening calorie consumption!!! in my opinion it really did help me not to gain tooo much weight during those 2 wks!!! seems like a dream already & i just got bak!!! glad to b bak here where i can trace my calories!!!! it's a long road but this change has to b for life not a few months or a year or i will end up rite where i started!!!! hope all have a gr8 day!!! peace 2 u & urz till nxt time!!!

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