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Monday, Jul 26 2010 - pic's were a job.....lol!!!

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lol!! i had the hardest time :bang: with pic's as i'v never resized a pic or used picture manager but i kno how now!!!:y: took 2 days to get it rite but finally i did!! my high weight was 326# that was in 2007-2008 & i wanted a pic from that point till now!! my friends i haven't run into recently are sooo surprised when they c me & i don't really c it so much. i lost 45 lbs over 3 yrs which was a chore & i gained bak 10 then i finally got both hips replaced & recovered enuff to actually learn to move again!! :laugh5: weight didn't come from the hips!! was that heavy when they started going!!! so no excuses here!! when i did look back i found this pic from late in 2007 and the new pic is me as of this w/e! i can sure c the difference now!! :clap: lol!! to think i have another 75 lbs to go minimum is crazy!!! i finally have gotten up to 1.7 miles for my walks & it sure feels good considering in march i could walk to the end of my driveway (hips) but even when my hips were better i couldn't walk much further due to the weakness from sitting on my butt for 3 yrs!!!!:cry4: i feel like a new person & i love counting my cal's cuz it gives me sooo much freedom!!! i have bad days where i'm a couple hundred cals over :angry2:but not very often & still feel like i can eat about anything if i watch the portion i consume!! well that's all for today!! i wish all much much much success & a healthy new u for life!!! :love:remember we are not dieting we are making a life change!!!!

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7 years ago

thank u lady!! my girlfriend suggested i change them cuz i'm half the way to where i want to b from where i originally started at 325!! yea me!!! lol!!! xoxoxo




7 years ago

Great new pics! :queen: