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Tuesday, Jul 27 2010 - 3 days later!!! lol!!!

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hi all!!! finally i got up 2 pics for b4 & after that show where i'v journied from!! lol!!! although i started ck at 289 i started trying to lose weight at 325 lbs!! when i showed my friend the site & my pic's she said they didn't really show how far i had come & she really wished i wd change them so i could b reminded how well i was doing!! :clap: God bless her!!! :love: so i finally got it 2 where we were both happy!!! :kiss: i thanked her once i saw y she thought i should change them!! i'm sooo happy to also announce that i only have one more lb to lose to b at my "b4 vacation wgt" of 259!!!! yea!!! i kno i set myself back a few wks but wat's done is done!!! :cry4: crying's over & works begun!!! lol!!! finally i'm half way to where i want to b!!! :laugh5: if u r having a hard way to go.....hang in there!! u r not alone....we all have hard days :bang: & days where it's a little easier!!! :rolling1: remember one day at a time to coin an old cliche'!! we didn't gain it in a wk & we won't lose it in a wk!! however it will come off!!! :y: so have a beautiful successful nite all, till nxt time!! peace!!!

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7 years ago

vacation is a necessary evil...it really is. you just climb back up on the horse. You can SO see a difference in your pictures -- I think that is great that you have a friend that is motivating you to see those kinds of things. I am always telling people that exact thing -- about not gaining it/losing it in a week! Great advice!

by NMA5632