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Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 - just gotta do it!!! lol!!

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well after my last entry i had to laugh wen i re-read it!!! the best laid plans sometimes go to hell!! i did gr8 on my food for that party but then i had drinks!!! there went all my planning!! lol!!! sometimes we just do wat we know we should not!!! :-) that wasn't enuff though i had to do it all over again 2day by giving into one of my biggest weaknesses!!! macaroni & cheese!!! lmao!!! i kno it's crazy but it's one of my all time fav's!!! then to boot i had to meet my boyfriends family for dinner in a nice resturant & although i ate fish i also had warm goat cheese for an appetizer so there went this day as well!!! i was mad anyway at myself for teetering for the last month or so just at the 250-255 & this behavior isn't helping a bit!!! but life goes on & bak on the horse again 2mro with alot more conviction!!! i want to b no more than 240 by Christmas!!! i kno i will b no matter wat it takes but rite now it's time to toughen up wit myself b 4 i start back stepping!! i really need to get on the ball rite now b 4 the holidays come!!! i won't b baking for 20 people this year & i kno that will b a big help!! lol!!! that was always my thing at holiday time trays of yummies for all near & dear to me but they have already long been informed that will no longer b happening!! mayb a few cookies for my 2 daughters & their kids but that's all!!! well bed time & although this was a horrible food day & weigh in....one thing i'v learned is not to miss my diary entries on ur bad days so u can keep up wit ur self & have a bold reminder of wat i'v done!!! hate it!!! but need it!!! sweet dreams all!!! hopefully a briter blog next time!!! xoxoxo

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