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Friday, Dec 3 2010 - wat am i doing????

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these last few wks have been killing me!! i have been trying to keep my cals down & am havin a helluva time!!! these holiday hrs at the ofc r messin me up!!! i leave the house btwn 5:30 & 6 a.m. & get home btwn 8 & 9 p.m. and i take extra snacks, turkey slices, cottage cheese fat free ect. i'v even gone to protien shakes for breakfast & still my cals r all over the place!!! i haven't gained any wgt but at this rate i will!!! i think mayb all the extra work must b keeping the pounds off but regardless i want my target bak!!!! i have 2 big Christmas parties coming & one is a brunch!! then i leave for st lucia for a wk & actually have for the first time ever, a bultler to care for us....bring drinks 2 u where ever we are & food & pak us coolers for the beach!!! :@ i'm in trouble!!! lol!!! i'm hoping to exercise enuff to compensate but how much can i take!!! temptation everywhere this time of yr & as hard as i have tried i have eaten some Christmas junk & the ordering dinner at 9 pm.....i kno this will catch up wit me!! i just want to get more focus going on my food but wit the long work days & all the running around on the w/e's i'm having a struggle!! i kno i will prevail but i want to get myself under control now!!!!! hope everyone else is having more success than i these days!!! be strong & don't do wat i'm doing!!! lol!!!! ok feel better now that i vented!!! merry Christmas to everyone!!! health, happiness & joy to each of u as we celebrate the birth of our lord & saviour Jesus Christ!!! xoxoxo

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