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finally my target.....i remember u!! lmao!!!

Thursday, February 24th 2011

finally had a good day even wit all the junk i ate!! whoo hoo!!! now i just have to make this day the nxt one on target and so on and so on!!!! trying very hard to concentrate on discipline which is not my friend!!! lol!!! i have such a weakness for food & dam it i will win!!!!! speaking of which, we had these amazing mahi mahi ruebens last nite & u all really must try them if that's ur sorta thing....if u like a rueben or rachel or anything close u must try a fish rueben!! we pan fry th...

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help i'm eating & i can't stop!! lmao!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

again....dam it i had an over 2,000 calorie day!!! :@!! i had the biggest sweets attack!!! i ate a whole load of chocolate & really wanted to take a bike ride last nite to earn back some dinner caloires but no go!! rob had dinner on the table wen i arrived & then of course he still hasn't picked up his bike as we both have been extremely bze sooooo....the little bit of time i'm able to give him during the wk isn't my best time to leave him sitting in front of the tv while i ride!!! lucky ...

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my beautiful pink bicycle!! :-)

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

finally on sunday i broke out the new bike i got for Christmas!! it was gr8!!! i rode an avg of 6 mph & 10.3 miles!!!! whoo hoo did my hiney hurt wen i got home!! lmao!! thought i had plenty of padding but i guess not there!!! lol!!! i was worn the heck out wen i got back!! i was sooo proud of myself! it took 1 hr & 40 min. wat an amazing day & i even got some sun!! i found a calorie burning website as this one didn't have cal's for a leisurely ride if was less than 10 mph so wen i p...

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some days ya just can't win!! lmao!!!

Friday, February 18th 2011

ok so today i'm gettin my act back together i say......yeah rite!! did ok thru day not gr8 but cd have had a decent day......notice i sd could've!! :-) nxt thing ya kno my baby says let's go out we've worked so late i don't want to cook 2nite.....he's the chef!!!! our fav fish house has an hour wait and at 7 or after i'm ravenous!!! legal seafood nxt fish place down the road so there we are and trying to make my under 500 calories make it we had an appetizer seared tuna, shrimp, crab cake & ...

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i don't know how but yea!!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 16th 2011

i have had the hardest time getting back on track dam it!!!! lmao!!! i have had one bad day after another & not that i'm eating wat i want but definately some of wat i want & just plain too much in general!!! i have maintained my wgt & even lost a couple but i kno i'm not eating rite!!! it actually really bothers me!!! lmao!!! never thought that day wd come!!! we won't even speak of valentines day!!! wat a feast but omg the cal's!!!! almost 3,000 if i didn't forget to log anything!!!...

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