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Wednesday, Feb 16 2011 - i don't know how but yea!!!!!! :-)

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i have had the hardest time getting back on track dam it!!!! lmao!!! i have had one bad day after another & not that i'm eating wat i want but definately some of wat i want & just plain too much in general!!! i have maintained my wgt & even lost a couple but i kno i'm not eating rite!!! it actually really bothers me!!! lmao!!! never thought that day wd come!!! we won't even speak of valentines day!!! wat a feast but omg the cal's!!!! almost 3,000 if i didn't forget to log anything!!!!!! still i had the audacity to go clothes shopping as i have never really bought new clothes after i lost this first 80lbs & although i had some of my clothes altered in an effort to wait because i still have such a long way to go, i did break down & shop this w/e & was flabbergasted to find i'm down to a 22!!!!! i started 3 yrs ago almost, just fitting into a 32!!! 1/2 the pants i bought are a 22 which i figure is an accurate sizing & half of the pants are a 20 which i figure are running a little big in the cut or i wdn't fit into them!! lol!!! i do have to b realistic with myself & honest!!! lol!!! i wish i was in a true 20 but i know how i look at that size & this ain't it!!! lmao!!!! still in all i was thrilled & really quite surprised!!! it's soooo odd to have clothes that don't hang on me!!! it's been a long time since i had clothes that fit so well & look sooo good!!! yea!!! so even with all my eating here lately i am still very very happy!!! i was sooo happy that after i went the first day & had left without a few things as the bill was really mounting ..... i sd the hell with it & went back the nxt day & got the rest that i had to order in my size!!!! lol!!! they didn't have them small enuff for me!!!!!!! YEA!! YEA!! YEA!!! i love counting calories & wish i had learned years ago that all the other "diets" r bull:@!!! we really do have to learn to watch wat we eat!!! we don't have to deprive ourselves anything ever!!!! it's how much & how often we eat those foods that we know are not the best choices!!!! please please please any of you who are new give this a chance.....at first it seems tough but within 90 days i guarantee u that u will truly change ur life forever!!!! i still have a long way to go however with my work schedule i don't find the time to exercise yet & know when i fit that in as well i will b moving much faster down the road to my ultimate goal 150 lbs!!!!! it's been just over a month for my smoking cessation & although alot of times i really want that cigarette God willing i will never give in!!! i thank God for each and everyone of you who find ur way here weather u want to lose 10 lbs or hundreds of lbs it all starts with the decision to work on it & obviously u'v made that decision or u wldn't b reading this now!!! much much much success to u & remember all the little accomplishments add up 2 a huge accomplishment!!!! have a beautiful day all!!! peace 2 u & urz till nxt time!!! xoxo

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7 years ago

:thumbu2: New clothes! :rock1:
:thumbu2: No smoking! :kiss: