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Friday, Feb 18 2011 - some days ya just can't win!! lmao!!!

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ok so today i'm gettin my act back together i say......yeah rite!! did ok thru day not gr8 but cd have had a decent day......notice i sd could've!! :-) nxt thing ya kno my baby says let's go out we've worked so late i don't want to cook 2nite.....he's the chef!!!! our fav fish house has an hour wait and at 7 or after i'm ravenous!!! legal seafood nxt fish place down the road so there we are and trying to make my under 500 calories make it we had an appetizer seared tuna, shrimp, crab cake & steamed shrimp wonton & shared....then i ordered pasta with shrimp, tomato, mushroom, lemon & garlic....i'm thinking gr8....it's not on the under 500 menu....i'm guessing cuz they give u 2 cups of pasta and all the fixin's......not.......it comes & is in almost a scampi sauce!!!!!!! dam it!!!!! now almost 8:15 p.m. i'm eating this stuff!!! i was sooo disappointed!!! i didn't finish it and tried to eat as little sauce as possible however that blew my day!!! i have finally decided to b extremely explicit from now on wen ordering.....plain fish & baked potato or fish & plain pasta....watever it takes but i have come to the realization unless it's on a lite menu with calories listed it's hell!!!!! lmao!!! today is another day & i'm not off to a good start but i will do some work wen i get home & earn my dinner back!!! lmao!!!!! seriously!!!! just wanted u all to kno u r not the only one who struggles & with the rite attitude we can all overcome this too!!! don't be to hard on urself....BE HARD ON URSELF JUST NOT TOOO HARD!!! lol!!!! we all just gotta keep on keepin on!!! best of luck over the w/e everyone!!! it's a 3 day w/e for me & i plan on making the most of it!!!! till nxt time!! xoxo

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7 years ago

Thanks for sharing. It is good to know that others struggle too. Spouses make it difficult some times.... Restaurants are especially hard. There is not much good for losing weight at any of them!