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Thursday, Feb 24 2011 - finally my target.....i remember u!! lmao!!!

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finally had a good day even wit all the junk i ate!! whoo hoo!!! now i just have to make this day the nxt one on target and so on and so on!!!! trying very hard to concentrate on discipline which is not my friend!!! lol!!! i have such a weakness for food & dam it i will win!!!!! speaking of which, we had these amazing mahi mahi ruebens last nite & u all really must try them if that's ur sorta thing....if u like a rueben or rachel or anything close u must try a fish rueben!! we pan fry the fish no breading in a cooking spray, we use whole wheat hamburger buns for now as they only have 80 calories & 1/4 cup sauerkraut, slice of swiss lorraine lo fat swiss & 2 tbsp fat free thousand island!!! mmmmmm!!! fish taco's r also a fav with fat free cheese & fat free sour cream, whole wheat tortilla 80 cals, & fish prepared the same as above for the rueben!! mmmmm!!! well so far so good today.....let's c wat the day brings!! doesn't feel sooo good to make a goal even the smallest of goals?? it does for me & i'm hoping for u 2 cuz it makes everything a little easier wen u have a success under ur belt!! lol!! buying the new clothes is really helping me with the motivation to get moving again!! i was sooo surprised to find i wear a 22 & not only surprised but happy happy happy!!! i looked up wellness warriors which is a christian group to give a little more help & advice for getting well!! chantel the owner of the site was very big at one time & isn't now. there are two ways to join site one cost $9 & one is FREE!! i did the free one & my first email spoke of dicipline & let's face it if that were r strong suit we wd b thin & have never gained any excess wgt!! lmao!! not to offend anyone but i'm just sayin'!! lol!! i loved the fact that the letter addressed above all else a commitment to discipline & the first suggestion was to commit to 30 min of movement/exercise 5 days a wk for one month!! very attainable i think so rob is going for a bike at walmart $100 this w/e & i'm committing!! i'm actually looking forward to it!! well i'm at work & need to go!! have a beautiful day beautiful people!!! i pray God gives each of u the strength to make the most of ur day FOR U!!! xoxoxo

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7 years ago

Nancey, the recipes sound great! Hope you enjoy your cycling with Rob. Take care!! xoxo