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some days r just like this!!!

Thursday, March 31st 2011

i was so angry at myself after finally getting down to the 241 i had a hellava w/e with my relatives calorie wise out to dinner fri with aunt & uncle haven't seen in over 30 yrs! drinks killed me there more than the food, then sat with my cousin i haven't seen in yrs. he's a postal worker & a biker & a vietnam vet if that says anything for drinks that nite!!! he pours 2/3 liquor & 1/3 coke!!! almost a days cal's in just 4 drinks!!! lol!! i kno i shouldn't laugh but hell i didn't ...

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the needle finally moved past my pre-holiday/vacation spot!!

Friday, March 25th 2011

whooo hoooo!!! finally got back down past the 8 lbs i packed on over the thanksgiving, Christmas & the weeks in st lucia!! as i sd i was eating like a crazy women, drinking crown royal on the rocks wit a coke back and the desserts!!! thought i'd never get here again....lmao...that is sooo totally not true!!! lol!! i knew i wd get there but it freakin took forever!! i can't lie about the fact that i really hadn't tried extra hard but the last wk or so i have been really getting back to the pr...

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getting back on track finally!!!

Monday, March 21st 2011

well i have inadvertantly erased this post 3 times.....however i feel it's relative & now will re-submit again in the hopes that sometimes, somehow, someone will find encouragement or support or ideas from my journey!! lol!! i'm finally getting back in the swing of things!! since early dec i have had a gr8 time & really enjoyed the time i ate, drank & was merry during the holidays & my vacation!!!! on vacations i indulge....not quite the way i used to eat but i eat candy bars &am...

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keep on keepin on......

Wednesday, March 16th 2011

still struggling with my target & although most days i'm rite there i want to b just at 1500 a day not 1550 or 1650 but 1500!!!!! dam it!! lol!!! i have come to grips with the fact that most of the time i will think i'm hungry just not so hungry i need to eat!! lmao!! i just need to make better use of the cal's i consume so they stay with me longer!! i mean i get so hungry late afternoon that i don't feel well or at least think i don't!! lol!!! we don't have dinner till about 7 do to the fac...

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