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Monday, Mar 21 2011 - getting back on track finally!!!

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well i have inadvertantly erased this post 3 times.....however i feel it's relative & now will re-submit again in the hopes that sometimes, somehow, someone will find encouragement or support or ideas from my journey!! lol!! i'm finally getting back in the swing of things!! since early dec i have had a gr8 time & really enjoyed the time i ate, drank & was merry during the holidays & my vacation!!!! on vacations i indulge....not quite the way i used to eat but i eat candy bars & drink whiskey, indulge in decadent sauces & even eat some red meat!! but after it's rite back to reality!! i have no problem if i gain a few & just work hard when i get home to get the lbs off!! i'm almost to pre-holiday wgt & haven't worked that hard honestly!! :-) i finished my shopping spree from a few weeks ago & spent waaaayyyyy toooo much but honestly i'm still happy about it for 2 reasons....1. the clothes are fabulous & i love them, 2. the new clothes have really hi-lited my accomplishment so far!! wearing all those really really baggy clothes does at first make u glad to c ur clothes r looser but then u get to swimming in them, knowing u still have soooo faaarrr to go at least for me made me not want to rush out to get new stuff, i felt i wd soon grow outta the new stuff too if i went shopping toooo soon! after losing almost 90 lbs i found the new clothes really change my look totally & i can't honestly believe that at 244 lbs i still look sooooo much better!!! let's face it 244 is certainly not a small woman!! the clothes really made me more determined than ever to get this other 75 lbs off!!!! the $$ was worth the emotional & asthetic lift i got from them!!! this w/e on Sunday rob & i went to the batting cages...which by the way are a gr8 souce of exercise, then we played catch with the softball for about half an hr & after dinner took a 30 min bike ride!!! i feel gr8!!! thank you all for all your support, encouragement, ideas, tips and everything else!!! if ur new here this is the place to break all ur bad habits!!! it's all about accountability!!! there is always someone here to support & encourage you!! loads of tips, foods for thought & mouth that fit into ur new plan!!! i love u all & thank u for helping me get my life back!!! i wish u all the success in the world!!! hungry girl is my tip again....i'v continued to try her recipes, love most of them, she knows the best foods for large portions with little calories & if ur like me a "hungry girl" they are life savers!!! have a beauitul day my wonderful friends here at cal king!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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7 years ago

What a great post! I am so happy you are doing well and Yeah for shopping :)