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Friday, Apr 1 2011 - ok wth!??

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again 2day i find myself fiending for some goodies!! wth?? yesterday i left work with 28 calories for dinner!! lmfao!!! of course i had shrimp & garden salad with vinegar for dinner!! lol!! then to beat all hell rob & i shared some cake with chocolate syrup & a coffee!! then a skinny cow for snack!!! dam i need some more control!! lol!!! now 2day 2 cookies already 2day & i have my grandson for the w/e!! not a good calorie time i'm sooo sure although we will have all the fun in the world, 2 nite walmart for a new bike for him & then to golden coral one of his fav's, saturday moring bike ride to mcdonalds & the long way home, lunch & make ur own sundaes....(God give me strength!!) the mma fights sat nite vip box & all that goes with it....sunday homemade big brkfst, batting cages, homemade pizza's for dinner & monday a no school day out to breakfast at our little bagel shop!!! dam!!! i will do my best to eat well & as bad as it may b if we can also squeeze in some pool time if the heater is fast enuff to accomodate us i may be able to work most of it off, i may even fit in a couple games of bowling while we are at the batting cages!!! that wd be the best!!! say a prayer for me!!! i will just try to burn watever i eat!!! lol!! i don't get to c him that often anymore & i feel in the next few yrs (he's 10) he won't want to come hang out at granma's for the w/e!! i may get to take him to an event or dinner but by the time he's a teen these gr8 w/e's will become a thing of the past....maybe charter fishing?? hmmmmm!!! anyway this will b a trying w/e & i'm not off to a good start!! lol!! well i'll let ya know how it all comes out!! xoxo hope u all have a much better calorie count than i will this w/e!! xoxo

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7 years ago

Sounds like a fun weekend... I hope you can find a happy middle ground while indulging with your grandson :)