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Tuesday, May 3 2011 - arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!! :-)

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ok, so mon, tue, wed, thur i was gr8!!! friday nite it all went to hell!!! worked on our phone system at the office till 10 pm....major problems!! then came the crown royal!!!!! ahhhhh!!! pizza & 1/4 of eggplant sub but the crown!!!! ok whole day of being good shot to hell, then saturday stayed at the hotel yet a 3rd nite & all no good!! cokes to fite the hang over!!! just a screwed up w/e which lasted thru monday!!!!!!!!!!!! wth am i thinking???? well who cares it's over & i will start again 2day to do my 30 days to a healthier me!!! one gr8 thing is i drank & didn't smoke!!!!!!!!!!! whooo hooo!!!! not that it negates the horrendous eating as of late but never never give up!! lol!!! i really want to get into the 230's & i so kno that it's just around the corner!!! however it has been that close for months now & although i have maintained my loss so far i'm not done dam it!!! lol!!!! i will get to my target if it takes 3 yrs instead of 2, i don't plan on that happening but if it does then it does!!!! at this rate it may!!! lol!!! so as i sd i will start again 2day to get down to the 1500 EVERYDAY & quit the all day grazing!! i hope u r all having better success these days than i!! at least i can c ur losses!!! lmao!!! i'm not a quitter & i will do this!!! have a beautiful nite all!!! xoxoxo more later!!

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