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Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 - dam vacations!! lmao!!

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i don't know where the hell my head was this last traveling w/e!!!! i gained 8 lbs in 3 days!!!! wth!!! i couldn't lose that much in 3 days unless i quit eating altogether!!!! i even considered fasting when i got home!!! lol!!! i'm my own worst enemy when it comes to food!!! lol!!! my dr will not b happy 2mro!!! :-) i spent 3 days traveling to c my grandkids & daughter only to gain 8 frkn lbs!!! out for brkfst lunch & dinner & even with a few good choices at meal time i still gained like crazy!!! well back to hell for the nxt 2 wks!!! if i can just find the rite hiree i will fit in some exercise time & this struggling will all b a thing of the past!! rob is running 6 miles in 60 minutes 3 times a wk & doing weights while i sit on my azz in an ofc all day!!! dam work!!! lol!!!!! have a beautiful day & better luck than me!!!

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6 years ago

diane u or i either one!! lmao!!!! i didn't think it was possible either however.......i only have 2 more to lose!! lol!!! my dr's nurse sd wen we eat poorly alot of times those types of food have an excess of salt & that compounds things, that along with sugary drinks so she advised i drink alot of h2o & in a day seriously i lost 4 lbs!!! wth!! lol!! y couldn't that happen everyday!!!! :-) but doing better now!! how r u???? been worried but i lv it in God's hands & just pray for u!! r u feelin better?? hopefully u r in less pain now!!! i had pain meds!!!! with my hips i took them for 3 yrs & it was horrible i felt like a shell of myself!!! i'm praying that u won't need them long dear!!! gtg but more soon!! best wishes & prayers ur way lady!! xoxoxo till nxt time!!




6 years ago

Well, I just don't believe yo could have gained that much in 3 days, although I gain pretty easily, too. Have you ever fasted?




6 years ago

Drink your water, I bet some is sodium... I hope you had a great time visiting! Have a wonderful week!!!