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Monday, Jul 11 2011 - 7-11-11

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today is the day i re-commit!!! no more excuses!!!! this w/e was a party & hotel date nite so not wanting to shoot myself in the foot day one decided to make today day 1!!! i did some gr8 exercise this w/e but i doubt enuff to cover all i ate!! addiction is such a sucky thing.....even when it's a legal addiction!! lol!!! food!!!!! still an addiction.....i tried the pills my dr gave me but in all honesty as much as i kno they help alot.......and i'm healthy enuff to take them i just plain don't want to!!!! so i won't!!! i made it this far without & i will make it the rest of the way!!!! without them!!!! they make me feel a little aggitated as they build up in my system and i just don't like them!! it may b psychological....but regardless i can do this on my own!!!! EXERCISE!!!!!! that is the key & i'v always known it!! my bicycling is moving up in speed from the 5-6 mph i started at to just up to the 10 mph point i'v been needing to get to!! pray for me u guys!!! i have to take the rest of this wgt off!!!! i'm DOING IT!!! just watch me shrink!!! lol!!! xoxoxo to all u who struggle as i do..........let's all re-commit this wk, do our shopping rite, no quickie meals, a salad nite once a wk with a protien, a soup & veggie sandwich nite once a wk......these r a few of my new goals!!! good luck everyone.....ur here that's the most important step........starting.........any new healthier eating or even just parking a few spot further than b 4 will make a difference!! xoxoxoxo

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6 years ago

Good for you! You sound very excited to jump back in the healthy game and that's great.

I just got home from your lovely state and now I am ready for my relaxing vacation, lol...