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Monday, Aug 15 2011 - sometimes........

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ok i suk the last couple wks!!! lmao!!! i have been outta town then sick for a wk & watching cal's just wasn't on my list of things to do!! lol!!! of course we all know wat that means!!! gain gain gain......7-8 lbs!!! aaaahhhhhh!!! back to the drawing board!!! as i have sd many times!!! i will never give up!! i will lose the other 75 lbs to get to the 175 i c in my future!!! just in case any of u thought i gave up i didn't & won't ever!!! it's not over till i say it's over & i hope all of u out there feels the same!!!! we all have r ups & downs......i'm just looking for some downs!!! lol!! xoxoxox

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6 years ago

I totally understand the boat you are in!!!! Keep rowing!!!!




6 years ago

Not giving up is the hardest thing to do! So woo hoo to you :)