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working on working it!! lol!!

Friday, September 23rd 2011

was disappointed when i put in my food from my dinner out last nite. i really thought i had done pretty well but i didin't!! i ordered sole francese, with the sauce on the side & for the app i had lobster tail of course no butter, it was flash fried with almost no crusting mayb a toss in flour. however wen my meal arrived it had sauce all over it & rather than send it back & ruin rob's dinner (we were in a fine seafood restuarant) i only ate mayb a third of it, it came with mashed po...

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life is gr8!!!

Wednesday, September 21st 2011

funny how all of a sudden u realize u have changed ur lifestyle!!! whoo hooo!!! did i wake up at my goal wgt.....lmao.....not frkn likely!!!! however i have not been as consciencious as i have previously been say for mayb 3 months. i have been extremely busy in my business & training new employees, planning the company trip ect ect ect. calorie counting has not been my priority & i have over indulged more than i wd allow myself in my better times. i fluctuate 3-7 lbs anyhow, wen i am on ...

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one more time!!! lol!!!!

Monday, September 12th 2011

new determination, new me, new new new!!! lmao!!! my goal is 75 lbs from today!! didn't start out the best today but it's all in how it ends!!! just gotta keep on keeping on!!! watch me go!!!!