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Wednesday, Sep 21 2011 - life is gr8!!!

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funny how all of a sudden u realize u have changed ur lifestyle!!! whoo hooo!!! did i wake up at my goal wgt.....lmao.....not frkn likely!!!! however i have not been as consciencious as i have previously been say for mayb 3 months. i have been extremely busy in my business & training new employees, planning the company trip ect ect ect. calorie counting has not been my priority & i have over indulged more than i wd allow myself in my better times. i fluctuate 3-7 lbs anyhow, wen i am on it closer to the 3 however if i drink with friends for a nite or go out to eat 2 times in a wk where i eat a little higher cal meals i cd add up to 6 or 7 lbs. over the last 3 months i have watched my wgt climb past that to 10 then 13 then sunday nite to 20 lbs!!!!! i almost fell off the scale as i knew i had gained way too much already at the 13 & had started to watch more closely wat i was eating but had 6 drinks thurs. nite out with my sister & rob!!!!! we were out on the intracoastal & really enjoying ourselves & having drinks along with a fab dinner!! i was devastated to c that on the scale which i kno is very accurate! i felt very badly about myself & vowed to get my :@ together!!! wen i saw 260 on the scale on sunday nite i sd i will wait till tues to weigh in & c where i am so i didn't have to log 260 on monday!! lol!!!! started watching my food & drinking alot of water & voila!!!! btw 250-249 this a.m.!!!! yea!!! only 9 to go to get to where i was & continue my journey!!!! in the past i may have just kept going on my road to destruction but not now!!! i am very happy about this becuz i promised myself this time wd b different.....this time i wd take more time to lose the 150 lbs i had to go wen i started........this time i wd not gain it all back plus some things that most of us have sd to ourselves one time or another!!! THIS TIME IT IS DIFFERENT!!!! i realize it's not only about today although today is important it's about forever!!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!!! and so can u....no matter where u are never b ashamed & never hide from ur freind the ck site!!!! just keep coming back & above all b honest with urself!!!! your the one that REALLY matters!!! best of luck & thnx for supporting the rest of us!!! have a wonderful wk!! :-)

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6 years ago

WTG! I am so happy for you! Keep up the amazing work!




6 years ago

The good news is you are here now and that scale is gonna go right back down! You know you always have some great cheerleaders here on your side.