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not even a wk yet!!!

Thursday, November 17th 2011

it's less than a wk since i got my groove back but dam i feel sooooo much better about myself!! lol!!! i think we all beat ourselves up wen we r not doing wat we need to do to fix our wgt issues....regardless of the size of our issue....to some 20 lbs r the 100 of another!! i sincerly hope that every one of u out there realize we all fall on times wen we just can't muster enuff control to do wat we should!!! the biggest thing to overcome is our fear of wat others may think!!! no one wants to com...

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finally i'm back at it!!!!

Tuesday, November 15th 2011

yea!!! since jan. i have not been doing wat i need to on a regular basis!!! the last few days i have been rite on point!!! i lost 5 lbs already!!! i walked 1.5 miles the other day!! i had gained 25 lbs over the last yr & really really got mad at myself!! i worked so hard just to get 1/2 way to where i want to b & i was throwing it all away!! not today!!! i knew i wd get to where i wanted to get back to work & now is the time FINALLY!!! a special thanks to debbie & nicole for ne...

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time & time again...... :-)

Monday, November 7th 2011

i don't care how many times i have to come back & admit to myself & others that i am not doing wat i kno i need to i refuse to give up!! i ate red meat to start the w/e off on thurs., then off to naples to visit family, off to the chinese buffet & the german market, out to dinner every nite & then brunch on sunday!! i keep telling myself........after, of course......self control self control self control!! now if i cd just do it BEFORE!!!! lol!!!! just wanted to say i'm hanging i...

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Wednesday, November 2nd 2011

well here it is nov. 1 & i still can't seem to get it back together!! dam it!!! i have not given up & am trying to stay away from the candy but halloween is all about sugar & it's frkn everywhere then to top it off it my will power just doesn't seem to b there in a strong way these last few months!!! oh wat to do?? i am trying som new things to cut some calories & really am wanting (but not making it happen) to get some exercise in!! i have alot of extra projects for the office &...

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