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another good day!!!!

Sunday, January 22nd 2012

today was a good day for cal's & moving!! last nite, saturdays r my dessert nite, i have given up all the sugar treats i wd waste my daily calories on each day & i'm talking 300-500 calories a day outta 1500 cal's!!! although i wd stay within my cal's most days i wd b soooo hungry alllllll the time! i finally had to admit although i cd fit them in my calorie alotment they wd go as quickly as i wd eat them & i wd b hungry again with in the hr! i began trying oatmeal & yogurts, nut...

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every day is a new day thank God!!

Thursday, January 19th 2012

omgosh!! soo thankful than everyday gives us a new chance to get our self control in balance!!! i managed to walk 2 nites this wk already & my goal is 3 nites minimum of some type of extra moving!! i got my zumba dvd's & will b giving that a try in the a.m. also!! i kno if i get up everyday determined to do better it will happen with God's help.........however he helps those who help themselves sooooo, this is a joint effort for me & God to accomplish!! have a gr8 day!!! xoxo

ok round 3!!

Wednesday, January 18th 2012

round 3 in just this new yr!! good thing i have 1,000's of rounds in me.....eternal rounds!!! game on!! back home & fulfilled my duties as a friend to both my girlfriend who lost her daughter & then on the way home stop to c my childhood friend & take her out for lunch now home & to work....payroll day.....long work day 2mro but..........zumba fitness exhilerate was waiting wen i got home!!!!! on ward & on down the scale!! i'm feeling good about the zumba fitness cuz i have a...

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life just seems to get in the way.....

Tuesday, January 17th 2012

as if my card nite with my daughter wasn't calorie hell enuff! that was the first time ever my daughter came up to my house & both she & i had time to actually sit down have some drinks & just hang out! now i find myself outta town.....again.......for a funeral this time. a girl i know (27 yrs old) had a handicapped daughter 2 1/2 whom recently fell ill & passed this last wk. i had lost touch with them after their mom my bff passed away 20 yrs ago & just recently found them o...

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card nite not a good nite!!

Sunday, January 15th 2012

i amaze myself sometimes!! i have had such a gr8 wk & blew it in a single nite!! saved cals all day because we had a family nite planned with a stuffed shrimp dinner & card playing after. i knew i wanted to have a few drinks so was very careful with my cal's all day & did over 2 1/2 hrs of packing up Christmas again today! we have a big house & a very big party for the holidays then we leave for vacation & take everything down the tents & tables & house decorations du...

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