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Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 - ok round 3!!

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round 3 in just this new yr!! good thing i have 1,000's of rounds in me.....eternal rounds!!! game on!! back home & fulfilled my duties as a friend to both my girlfriend who lost her daughter & then on the way home stop to c my childhood friend & take her out for lunch now home & to work....payroll day.....long work day 2mro but..........zumba fitness exhilerate was waiting wen i got home!!!!! on ward & on down the scale!! i'm feeling good about the zumba fitness cuz i have always always loved to dance!! my girls & i wd dance from 9-10 pm till 6 am back in the day & it never got old!! this just may b my trick!!! i will find out fri a.m.!!!! we have a gr8 work out room away from the rest of the house, a finished 2 car garage so there is plenty of room for zumba-ing!!! lol!!!! i love all ur guys out there, all of u who care & support & encourage the rest of us!!! i kno with my determination & all the gr8 advice, encouragement, patience & understanding i get from all the gr8 ck peeps i will reach my goal!!! have a wonderful day all & kick some calorie butt!!! :-) will let u kno about the zumba....i'm actually excited to get started!! whooo hooo!!!

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6 years ago

Zumba sounds awesome! I have always wanted to try it.