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Sunday, Jan 22 2012 - another good day!!!!

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today was a good day for cal's & moving!! last nite, saturdays r my dessert nite, i have given up all the sugar treats i wd waste my daily calories on each day & i'm talking 300-500 calories a day outta 1500 cal's!!! although i wd stay within my cal's most days i wd b soooo hungry alllllll the time! i finally had to admit although i cd fit them in my calorie alotment they wd go as quickly as i wd eat them & i wd b hungry again with in the hr! i began trying oatmeal & yogurts, nuts, cheese & crackers instead for my snacks throughout the day. i found that they stay with me much longer & i feel less hungry, as for the sugary treats i gave them up & instead allow myself one decadent dessert a wk on either friday or saturday each wk & last nite i did myself in. so today i did not eat any of my exercise cal's back in hopes it wd help! lol!! i have been making a goodie birthday basket for a friend & had 2 oreo's chocolate covered for breakfast, i got up late today?? so skipped lunch & had a yogurt & took a 55 minute bike ride to help fite bak but all in all a good day!! good nite friends & those i haven't met yet!! mych focus, success & happiness this wk!! xoxoxo

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6 years ago

Yeah it's great when we find snacks that help hold us over!
Keep it up girl, you are doing great.




6 years ago

This was a really good post. Keep up the great work.

by JBK101