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Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 - turtle & the hare

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lmao!!! i should b the size of kate moss by now according to my calculations!!! :eyebrows: i used to eat like crap...fettucini alfredo regularly, 15 or 20 shots on a nite out along with all the coke to mix & then the bar food before home, huge portions, cake & all kinds of treats all day long, candy bars i cd go on & on & on!! now i try to move alot more & eat well most of the time & i'm still fat!!!! dam it!!! lmao!!!! guess wen i was younger i was the hare......i cd lose 100 lbs in a yr or less now..........2 yrs later i still haven't lost 100 lbs & actually last yr gained 30 while i was quitting cigarettes which i have taken some of that back off already but now my body is doing the turtle on me!!! lmao!! still losing but at a snails pace!!!!! come on already!!! i know sometime soon i shld have a bigger loss than just a lb & i have earned it!!! lmao!! all this ranting on valentines day with a luxurious dinner planned & prob a couple glasses of wine dam!!!!! lol!!!! enjoy all & show someone some love!! xoxoxoxo till nxt time!!:heart2:

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6 years ago

I set small goals for myself and try to reach them. The biggers ones just get me down.

Hope you had a great Valentine's dinner. My husband is taking me out this Saturday becasue he was out of town.




6 years ago

I try never to look at how far I have to go. I think that's akin to a tightrope walker crossing between 2 buildings... I gotta focus on the now, where I am, how I feel, and NEVER look down! I've also discovered that this is a constantly evolving process. The things I did that were really effective 2 years ago, generally are not now. I'm always evolving the plan, changing diet and exercise as I go, and getting more educated.




6 years ago

I am right there with ya, I don't eat what I used to at all and don't get me wrong I do treat myself :tongue10: But it's taking forever. I have never done so much cardio in my life :)
Have a great lovey dovey day! :heart2:




6 years ago

:love: and :kiss: 's
~Showing some love!