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life goes on......

Monday, March 19th 2012

it's baffling to me how i am screwing up sooo badly? i according to the site should b doing 1750 cals a day but dr says no more than 1500 & wd prefer 1200. so trying to do both as he's who sent me to this site in the first place, :y: i made my target 1500 & still don't lose sht!! :angry2: i do have bad days & go over but still when i go thru my 3 month target i am at 1533 avg cals?? :huh: i have been moving more & all in all am 1,000 times better than i used to b but continue to hold o...

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Thursday, March 15th 2012

i just can't seem to get it together!!! yesterday was horrible for my eating, worked thru lunch which i had bought for my employees just pizza but rob had packed me a healthier lunch which i planned on eating but work on our phones happened & took 5 hrs instead of the 1 we were told it wd take, being a sales company phones are the life of our company.....so ended up eating at 2:00 walking around helping phone guy......2 pcs!!!!! then at bout 7-7:30 i was starving & still at work & at...

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wth happened?????

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

w/e b 4 last rob was really sick from vacation & i was just worn the heck out so we did NOTHING!! lol!! i mean nothing at all!! then as the wk progressed even though i had been taking echinnacea i got sick by thurs & spent the w/e fri, sat & sun in bed myself.......no exercise!!! i had done sooo well on vacation & then came home & sat on my butt for close to 2 wks now!!! dam dam dam!!!! soooo many reports to catch up on at work (more sitting) & have to go outta town this...

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