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Tuesday, Mar 6 2012 - wth happened?????

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w/e b 4 last rob was really sick from vacation & i was just worn the heck out so we did NOTHING!! lol!! i mean nothing at all!! then as the wk progressed even though i had been taking echinnacea i got sick by thurs & spent the w/e fri, sat & sun in bed myself.......no exercise!!! i had done sooo well on vacation & then came home & sat on my butt for close to 2 wks now!!! dam dam dam!!!! soooo many reports to catch up on at work (more sitting) & have to go outta town this w/e although i will try to fit some walking in!! my friend lost her daughter, she was only 2 1/2 so as a means of checking on her & spending some quality time with her we r going up for a visit to go have dinner & then some drinks & cards on the patio which only leads me to believe my cal's will not b good!!! on top of all that we leave again befor the end of the month to go back to tahoe on our way to san fran with rob's mom & sis for a wk!!!! aaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!! so hard to control exercise & cal's when traveling!!!! i feel like the hamster on the wheel these days!!!! i promised myself to quit working soooo frkn hard this yr that i am tooo tired at the end of my 15 hr day to exercise!!! it's a promise i have yet to keep to myself & again i feel like a hamster running round & round & getting no where!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! yesterday i dont kno if it was from being soo sick this w/e or wat but i was ravenous & ate everything in my path, candy, cookies, bagel and a half!!!!! with real cream cheese!!!!!! i dont kno wth came over me!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! today is better & am on track with cal's as i have been doing pretty well till the last 2 wks!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! i'll say it again!!! lol!!!!! one day at a time!!!! i kno in my heart if i just keep doing wat i'm doing it will all come together!! i NEED to get my exercise on dam it!!!!! at least theres snow mobiling in tahoe for those of us who don't ski!! lol!! thanks for letting me vent & DON'T DO WHAT I'M DOING!!!!! move move move!!!! have all the success i am not experiencing rite now & kick some calorie hiney today!!! xoxoxo

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6 years ago

Sometimes we can't control life and our routine gets pushed aside. I have a hard time dealing with that. But it's life not a exact science. So my friend take care of yourself if you are sick or tired, let your body rest and when a routine is able to picked back up you will be ready to go.