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Monday, Mar 19 2012 - life goes on......

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it's baffling to me how i am screwing up sooo badly? i according to the site should b doing 1750 cals a day but dr says no more than 1500 & wd prefer 1200. so trying to do both as he's who sent me to this site in the first place, :y: i made my target 1500 & still don't lose sht!! :angry2: i do have bad days & go over but still when i go thru my 3 month target i am at 1533 avg cals?? :huh: i have been moving more & all in all am 1,000 times better than i used to b but continue to hold on to every lb???? :help: at one point i was at 241 & was happy :tongue10: but now back up to 265-270 & am just treading water!!!! :rolling1: focus focus focus nancey!!!!!!!! i must do better somehow someway!!!! dam cupcakes!!!! :evil: seriously!!! the sweets get me!!!! :devil7: 3 yrs + i have been working at this & have only lost 65 lbs!!! :bang: wth!!!!!! i'm in no way ready to give up but def need to re-evaluate wat i'm doing wrong & how often!!! :look: to top it all off i'm leaving for vacation again in 2 wks!!! :help: sht!!!!! :-| after i think about my biggest mistakes i will log them so mayb they will help someone else treading water like me! hopefully there is no one out there where i am cuz it's frustrating......although i kno i'm my own biggest problem!!! :rock1: it will all work out & i can still c my 175 goal way out there waiting for me!! :love::love: have a gr8 movin movin movin day!!! xoxoxoxo
i did start my garden i have been wanting for the last few yrs!! we planted tomatoes, strawberries, squash, peppers & still have spinach, eggplant & am looking for cucumbers as well!!! wish me luck!!!!

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6 years ago

I don't know if this will help you or not, but it has helped me. I got one of those Fitbit things to measure calorie burn, and I am burning only 1700 calories, even on some days when I'm walking or exercising. The most I burned was 2100 calories. I had my calories set at 1500 and was not losing at all. I did 2 things: I started prelogging my food, and I lowered my calories to 1350, and the scale is dropping a little almost every day. -- just .2 at a time, but it's good over the whole week.
I am a fiend for sweets also, but prelogging kind of helps reinforce the "you don't have enough calories for that" thinking. So far anyway. I know we all make mistakes but it sounds like you're really trying very hard, and yes 65 pounds is quite an accomplishment. :clap:

by BUN201



6 years ago

tony u r soooo rite & i have an initial goal of a minimum of 3 days a wk 30 minute each time. i kno that is a very low goal but it's more than i had been doing which was none. over the last 4 yrs i have had 3 surgeries on my hips the last two were total hip replacements which during that time i was on a walker, then in rehab....most days i did less than 700 steps.....during the whole day!!!!! i'm now up to 7,000-10,000 a day & am trying to add in the 3 days a wk 30 min a day. i do 10-12 mile rides on my bike or walk 1-2 miles, do gardening etc etc. i don't have a normal schedule & 4 days a wk i leave my house btwn 5-6 am to return btw 7-9 pm every nite. i have a hard time fitting in exercise on those days?? i work in an executive position & really don't have the luxury of working out during my 30 min lunch due to the fact i can't come back sweating & disheveled!!! xoxoxoxoxo




6 years ago

Hi Nancey. Just found your blog for the first time.

You write a lot about calories, but don't mention exercise. What are you doing for exercise? It's a two-sided equation; you need to work both sides of it.

Also, I think I spotted a typo above. You wrote "only" 65 pounds. There's nothing "only" about that. Be proud that 65 is gone!! You got that much off - you CAN do the rest.





6 years ago

There are a lot of low sugar alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth. :frog:
My issue on vacation is I drink more alcohol than I do at home. Wine or Vodka with Club Soda & Lime have way less calories than margaritas or pina coladas or other sugar filled mixers. :thumbu2:
Come on Nancey, you can do this. :rock1:




6 years ago

My "suggested" calorie target by CK was 1750 and I was not losing at all. I found that my scale actually moves at less than 1500 calories. It stunk at first, but now I am accustomed to it and I often eat under my limit.