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if u want something to change, change something......

Wednesday, April 18th 2012

we have tried 3 juices so far in what the book calls a 1 wk intro to juicing. says by the end of the wk a person wd have a good sample of juices. thankfully rob has taken the bull by the horns u cd say & each day i have awakened to a fresh juice & oatmeal for breakfast. i had up till this monday just had a protien shake wen i leave for work for time constraints & due to the fact that i don't like to eat & drive. then around 9 at work i wd eat something for a couple hundred calori...

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gettin on it!

Tuesday, April 17th 2012

well have been able to get back on track & i am thankful for that! we broke out the juicer rob got for Christmas & he has made a couple of gr8 juices already! lost 6 lbs of vacation wgt already & that i am also thankful! zumba kicked my butt & i did no exercise last nite. i was actually sore just from learning the step by step moves!!! lol!!! the people that make the dvd's kno how hard the step by step is cuz they even say "come u can do it, just a little more...etc etc!) lo...

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dam zumba kicks ur butt

Sunday, April 15th 2012

didn't do as i had planned yesterday as far as zumba as i spent too much time on shopping & nails & it was my one day a wk that i eat what i wd call a real dessert rather than a half cup of ff ice cream, so not a good calorie day either but it is better for me at this point to do one day a wk rather than tons of sugary snacks all wk & that is one thing i plan to keep in place!! sooo much of the time i was hungary due to all the 100 calorie junk food i wd eat, so now no sugary snacks ...

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another day to make a change

Friday, April 13th 2012

over the last 2 yrs i have played with my own head on & off over & over & over again. i wish i could blame it all on ignorance...as though i just didn't kno better but that wd b a lie. i have come to realize vacations r a big stumbling block in my success. for a few yrs we only went on one longer vacation & mayb one or two long w/e's so if i ate poorly & drank it really wasn't that defeating however 3 of over a wk or more in 4 months is a calorie explosion. one of the 3 alrea...

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home at last!!!

Tuesday, April 10th 2012

got home yesterday from tahoe/san fran trip & needless to say i am up!!! i haven't actually weighed in as my first weigh was at 1 a.m. when i got home & was close to 278 but not quite!!!! i usually lose the first wk i'm back & so will do a regular weigh in in the a.m. to log watever it is!! ahhhh i'm soooo scared!!! lol!!! not really cuz i have had enuff!!! just enuff!!! i can't stand the fact i have gained sooo much wgt back & i am uncomfortable in my own skin yet again!!! not t...

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