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Sunday, Apr 15 2012 - dam zumba kicks ur butt

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didn't do as i had planned yesterday as far as zumba as i spent too much time on shopping & nails & it was my one day a wk that i eat what i wd call a real dessert rather than a half cup of ff ice cream, so not a good calorie day either but it is better for me at this point to do one day a wk rather than tons of sugary snacks all wk & that is one thing i plan to keep in place!! sooo much of the time i was hungary due to all the 100 calorie junk food i wd eat, so now no sugary snacks but i do indulge in one decadent dessert a wk. today i got up & watered our veggies had a cup of coffee & got on the zumba. wow that stuff is tuff & in less than 10 min was sweating up a storm!!! after 40 min. i was done & that is just the step by step lessons on the steps used in the work out!!! lol!! it was fun & i liked it & i still have plenty of time for a bike ride if there is time after we go car shopping! rob's car has alot of miles well his truck/car....a hummer that he won't haul anything in!! lol!!! but anyhow it's time for a new car for rob. he is excited but i think he doesn't want to show it....guess it's not manly!! hehehe!! have a gr8 day all & hope ur all down when u weigh in this wk!! :-)

p.m. i thought i wd ride the bike or walk tonite but to our surprise alot of car lots are closed sunday so we went to home depot for garden supplies & of course got flowers for the house. stopped by the seafood store & had dinner in the rest. had to plant wat we bought so we spent the bike time planting & watering & trimming our veggies & new flowers! it wasn't much hard physical work so i logged it as ironing cuz i figured the cals wd b closer at that lower #!! just glad i did stuff!!

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