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Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 - gettin on it!

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well have been able to get back on track & i am thankful for that! we broke out the juicer rob got for Christmas & he has made a couple of gr8 juices already! lost 6 lbs of vacation wgt already & that i am also thankful! zumba kicked my butt & i did no exercise last nite. i was actually sore just from learning the step by step moves!!! lol!!! the people that make the dvd's kno how hard the step by step is cuz they even say "come u can do it, just a little more...etc etc!) lol!!! am happy now that i am back working it however consistency is the key.....long term consistency!!!! plz God give me the strength!! xoxo keep on keepin on everyone!!! make me look bad.....lol.......it will bring me gr8 joy to kno others r doing well!!


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6 years ago

I heard on of the Zumba instructors at our gym say it could take up to 8 classes before a person can get all the steps. She said it wasn't a quick learn? I am sure its different for everyone, but don't you give up.
Oh wonderful a Juicer... I want one but I don't want it to be just another gadget sitting on my counter :)
Yeah on the 6lbs!